Summative Entry

What insights has your study of Australian Literature and Art given you into the importance of creativity as part of human experience?

Throughout this semester, the importance of creativity as part of the human experience has become clear to me through the important messages communicated through literature and art as well as the expression of one’s self and the significance of this.

Before studying this unit, literature and art seemed like two very different concepts to me however, our trip to the Art Gallery highlighted the importance of the two forms of expression working together to form a complete and meaningful message. Through combining art and literature, it has become very clear to me that a stronger message can be portrayed and the human experience can be more effectively communicated. Throughout the unit, I have come across so many different perspectives brought to life through language. One such example of this is the contrasting values that Harpur and Kendall hold and what they love about the Australian landscape. Through this, the importance of expressing your own perspective as well as learning about the perspectives of others through art and literature is highlighted.

Another important aspect of creativity as part of the human experience is its ability to give a voice to those who normally would not be heard. Authors such as Kevin Gilbert have displayed his throughout their works, giving me insight into Aboriginal spirituality and values. Through his poetry, I have been given insight into what it means to be a part of the environment rather than just observing it. This shows that creativity greatly shapes the human experience as it allows people to communicate ideas that are not easily accepted in society.

The part of the unit that had the most influence on my understanding of the importance of creativity to the human experience was when I had the opportunity to explore this personally by writing my own poem. Through this, I was truly able to communicate my own experiences in a way that I had not been able to in the past. The use of language in a variety of ways to communicate an effective idea is a skill that I have learnt to value so much more through the construction of this blog. I have also been able to engage with texts through the critical analysis and discussions that I have written for my blog. In this way, creativity allows us to synthesise and engage thoroughly with the world around us by expressing the way it affects us personally.

Through my studies this semester, my eyes have been opened to the importance of creativity to the human experience through the way that art and literature work together, the perspectives that are given to us, the voice that is given to individuals, and the importance of communicating my own human experiences creatively. Clearly, creativity is a vital part of the human experience as it allows for the sharing and understanding of the experiences of those around us.