Write a short paragraph in prose or verse ending with the line “Wherever I hang my knickers- that’s my home.”


I travel in the Summer

When the grass dulls from green to brown.

And my world is wrapped in light-


But I am lost in the hot unknown.

I journey in the Autumn

When the leaves dance to their graves.

And my world reaps the benefits of the harvest-


But I am lost in the crisp unknown.

I transit in the Winter

When Earth wears her icy coat.

And my world rejoices for provided shelter-


But I am lost in the barren unknown.

I voyage in the Spring

When trees become godesses in bloom.

And my world is reborn and bright-


But I am lost in the blossoming unknown.

I ponder in the Evening

When the quiet consumes my thoughts

And my world realises that I am not


For wherever I hang my knickers- that is my home.