Reflection 5

ICT use in the classroom has become increasingly prominent in recent years. The change in use of ICT over my schooling was possibly the biggest transformation in regards to technology and education. When I was in kindergarten, the school had about 20 desk top comuputors which students got to use abut once a week in their library lesson. By the time I reached year 12, every student had their own device and used it for most of their class work. This is such a large transformation in a relatively short amount of time. For the most part, this has had a largely positive effect on my education as I had an increasing access to information and was able to effectively take part in problem based and individual learning. Sometime however, it was easy for me to be distracted as it is easy to disguise the fact that you are doing nothing behind the computer screen and students are very quick to learn this. 

In my placement technology can be helpful but can also be a large problem for some students. The positive aspect of ICT is that it can be used so that students can conduct their own research and find resources that are easy to understand at their own and at their own pace. It can be a problem however when, instead of reading and understanding information, students copy the websites information without understanding it. ICT use in the classroom is also an issue for a student who recently moved to Australia from Iraq. He has no computer skills and finds even a simple google search challenging. The fact that he struggles with the primary tool used in the classroom means that he spends more time trying to learn this than the actual lesson content. Clearly, use of technology logo needs to be examined and not used when appropriate for the intent of the activity and if it is appropriate for the student. 

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