Reflection 4

The use of modelling as described by Bandura can be examined in my placement and is used to varying degrees of success. Modelling is the use of a person as an example in order to encourage others to do the same as the model. In my own education, modelling could be seen in the way that a teacher would praise a particular student for a certain behaviour. For example, “look how quietly Tom is sitting, I wonder if we can all be as still as him.” This was effective in many cases as students want praise from the teacher. In the cases that this did not work, it may have been due to the fact that the other students then see Tom as a ‘teachers pet’ and would therefore avoid copying him. This was particularly true in older grades. 
In my placement, modelling is particularly useful as many of the students have difficulties interpreting social cues. We are strongly encouraged to make a point of making eye contact and speaking clearly so that the students begin to do the same. When we enter the room, it is also important to act as a mode, on how to greet a person. Another way modelling is used in the classroom is through the use of the kitchen provided. The teachers always clean up after themselves and wash up which encourages the students to do the same also. This is highly effective with the majority of the students as they have respect for the teachers. For some students however, this is ineffective as modelling is only effective if the students can relate to the model. 

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