Reflection 3

The family of a student has a large impact on the way in which they learn and their approach to schooling. In my household, from the beginning of my schooling my parents were very encouraging; they sat and helped me with my homework and encouraged me to read to them and on my own. They put an emphasis on school but also encouraged me to make friends and to take part in activities after school such as dancing, cricket and little athletics as long as they did not interfere with my school work. While this was my individual experience growing up, it is important to remember that each student comes from a very different background. 
I was informed by a teacher on my community engagement this week that one of the students would be away for two weeks as their parents owned a company that provided amusement rides to various fairs and he would be travelling with them to help out. This was shocking to me as for my parents school was the first priority and we never holidayed during the school term while for this student, regular breaks from school to go and work occurred. Another way family influence could be seen on my placement can be seen through another student who sees women as inferior due to his family background. In his household, his father is authority and sometimes is violent towards his mother and sister. This has been reported by the school and is going through processes of investigation. As a result of this, the student is rude to his female classmates as well as disrespectful to female teachers. As the majority of learning support teachers are female, this not only has a negative impact on them, but also the learning of the student. 

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