Reflection 1

On my first day of community engagement I was introduced to the main students that I will be working with in the following weeks in the learning support team at the senior high school I would be working in. There are five students who have severe learning or cognitive disorders which mean they have high levels of need for support. I quickly realised that even though all these students have learning difficulties, they cannot be grouped together as the same as they have very diverse needs as their cognitive abilities and attributes are all unique. 
While the students are senior students aged between 16 and 19, they were operating at a stage 2 level rather than the same level as their peers. This was incredibly eye-opening for me as when I was in highschool I was placed in advanced classes and it amazed me to see the vast differences between stages in learning. The learning support room was incredibly busy but also had a sense of order; something that I will definitely have to work on as a teacher. Because they are so busy, it is sometimes difficult to provide the necessary one on one support for students so the support team were grateful to have a few extra hands on board. Just in the first week, I already feel as though I have made a difference in the education of the students even in small ways. I am looking forward to returning next week!


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