Art and Manifestos

What and how does this compilation of Manifestos show us about the forces at work in our world today? As a work of art itself, does this Manifesto, point to anything that we in the 21st  Century need to be responding to?

Manifestos in relation to art, I believe, are a reflection of what is valued at the time they are created by the person they are created by. They may be a reflection of the will to conform, rebel, confuse, provoke; the will to produce any number of responses within the audience through the way art is expressed. The compilation of Manifestos demonstrates the various reasons for art and the emotions they provoke from the viewers depending on the matching manifesto.

One example of this is the push for deep symbolism within art that ocurred in the 20th century as a rebellious response to the idea that emerged in the 19th century that art can exist for its’ own sake. Similar forces exist in the world of art today as it is continuosly changing as a result of predecessor’s ideas about what art should and should not be. The constantly moving world continuous to alter the ways in which we choose to express ourselves and the reasons for expression. Today, this is easily seen online as the rapid communication allows for ideas and art to spread more quickly and allows others to respond and discuss this with ease.

Today, this Manifesto continues to encourage us to be critical of the art we view and consider why it is presented in a particular way and whether we agree with its message and meaning; it is also important to consider whether it does have meaning or if it has to have meaning at all. We need to constantly be responding to the art of those before us by engaging with the ideas it promotes and discovering whether we agree with such Manifestos, or if we need to construct our own to express the values that more accurately describe our current society.


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