Dear Les Murray…

Write a letter to either Judith Beveridge, Les Murray or David Malouf telling them what you have found of greatest interest in their writing today.

Dear Mr Les Murray,

Let me first begin by saying, I completely understand your poem “The Cool Green” as I, like most other members of today’s society, am somewhat guilty of letting money control my lifestyle. While I agree with your sentiments whole-heartedly, it truly is a difficult feat to do otherwise especially as a young person in the world today.

What I found incredibly interesting about your poem is the way that money’s very purpose has been entirely subverted. Your poem highlights the idea that instead of us using money, money is using us and controlling our every move. Your line “but money is never seen nude” speaks to me particularly. In my interpretation, this means that we never see money at face value and the true repercussions of being enslaved by it. While we often see it as something to take lightly and spend freely, “millions eat garbage without it.” This quite literal statement really encouraged me to think about how I spend my own money. While I am often caught up in being able to buy things that I want, there are so may people who do not have enough to meet their very basic needs.

Your final stanza really reinforces your opinion on money and the way that we have let it control society. The fact that you dare to state that money diverts our attention from the beauty and meaning in the world, in this case “poetry, ideology, religion”, allows us for reflection on what we do value and what we should value. The final line “it didn’t want our souls” is particularly powerful as it suggests that we, as consumers, willingly gave up our souls to money. This powerful statement is the perfect way to end your poem as it leaves me (and the rest of your audience) questioning their own lives and values.

I thank you for your wonderful insight in this poem,

Kind regards, Tamara.



4 thoughts on “Dear Les Murray…

  1. brendonjohnsonblog says:

    Hey Tamara,
    Great work on this letter to Mr Murray. It is such a thought provoking piece of work. The picture at the end of your post says it all. You can have all the money in the world yet still have nothing. In the end, the size of your bank account does not matter- it’s how you behave, how you treat others and what you put out into the world that counts.
    I’ve enjoyed our little chats this semester. Great blogging!


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