Sixth Peer Review

Hi there Riley!
Great work on your blog post this week, one thing I suggest would be to make sure you keep your correct persona the whole way through; I believe in your last paragraph you switched personas and wrote “the two of us” rather than “the two of you.”

I thoroughly enjoyed your analysis of the reasons people may get into relationships ie: being seen as the “lucky one” by their friends. I agree with you in that I think it’s upsetting that our society is so materialistic that it condones the using of other people in a way that enhances one’s own image. I do think however, that Szabo was naive and at fault in many ways and that it was not only Miss Slatterly’s fault. This is due to the fact that he somewhat allowed himself to be used, ignoring the reality that not all relationships are built on love and trust.

Keep up with the great thoughts and good luck 🙂


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